The first and only known legal network focused on R&D tax credits.

The members of the Stonecracker Scientific Legal Network are the ONLY law firms in the world that practice R&D Tax credit claim preparation. We are a team of lawyers working along side highly qualified engineers, scientists, technical and finance/tax experts who thrive on complex R&D tax problems, scenarios, and situations that few preparers can comfortably handle.

We will quickly and effectively identify areas where you can apply for R&D tax credits, what conditions your R&D project must meet to qualify, what costs you can claim for, how you claim, and whether you can get tax relief, or tax credits paid back to you.

We have a proven track record of successfully filing many millions of dollars worth of Research & Development claims, on behalf of taxpayers in Canada and the UK. Our experience encompasses a wide array of industries and sectors, servicing everything from small through large to international corporations. The Stonecracker Scientific Legal Network has a comprehensive and current understanding of the R&D-Tax Credit-related Tax Court rulings, with the ability to see your claim through from initial consultation to litigation.

We pride ourselves on providing you with high quality, personalized advice that relieves pressures associated with making business decisions pertaining to your R&D claim. We do not replace your company’s current counsel or tax preparer, but rather work closely with them, ensuring everyone’s expertise is utilized to maximize your tax credit.

Why a Law Firm?
  • The advice we give you is protected by Solicitor-Client Privilege. The solicitor’s Duty of Confidentiality protects you better than any NDA.
  • R&D Tax Credits are a complex blend of four areas of law: Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Law and Tax Law.  You must have all those areas of law correct to be entitled to an R&D Tax Credit claim.
  • Proprietary and seamless evidence curation methods that allow us to proactively maximise your R&D claim, maximise your position for audit defence, and minimise your effort.
  • You receive R&D-Credit-aware legal advice as a part of our service, throughout the year, focusing solely on how to maximise your company’s tax credits globally and throughout your supply chain.
    • You are billed on a contingent basis, no disbursements are charged.
    • Tax credits are refunded into our law firms’ trust account through electronic transfer to allow a faster return of cash to you.
  • You always have a solicitor attached to your file for every claim, at every stage, from initial analysis, to file preparation, to audit defence and beyond.
  • Positive working relationship with Canada Revenue Agency and HMRC.